We are passionate about our relationship with and ministry to the primary and secondary schools across Witney and the surrounding villages. We offer weekly online Collective Worship videos for primary schools. You can watch them on our YouTube Channel. Our newest contributions are listed first.

Young Disciples

Our youth group for secondary school students is known as the Young Disciples. We gather online or in person for fellowship, fun, and prayer. If you are interested in joining the Young Disciples, please get in touch with

Junior Church at Home

Below are some websites where you can find resources for doing church and exploring faith with children on your own at home. Be sure to let us know what you are getting up to!

  • BeSpace is an Oxfordshire Christian charity that seek to provide spaces of prayer and reflection to schools. They have moved their Prayer Spaces online, which you can find here.
  • Roots is a Christian company with worship and learning resources for the whole church. They are offering free Worship at Home resources for school-aged children here.

Benefice Youth Council

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The Witney Benefice Youth Council

Hello, we are the Benefice Youth Council (BYC). We are a group of young people aged 11 to 18 who meet once a month, (usually the first Sunday of the month, however, this may vary depending on availability), to discuss different topics, ideas, and opinions. In doing this we hope to achieve better plans for the youth ministry and the church. We currently have Lindsey Macfarlane holding the council, who joins us for each meeting, along with another adult from within the Benefice.

The BYC started back in July 2020 meaning all of our meetings have taken place on Zoom so far. However, this hasn’t stopped us from being just as keen to explore different concepts. We have always been eager to discuss new ideas and have taken any advice on board.

What are the roles involved?

In the Benefice Youth Council there are four main roles allocated, as well as other attendees. The roles will reassign in line with the PCC in order that other people will get the chance to lead and organise the meetings. In total there are 8 counsellors: Nadia, Hannah, Loretta, Sissy, Esther, Ava, Millis, Jennifer (plus, two adults every time we meet).

The Chair: Nadia

Hi, I’m Nadia and I am the Chair of the Benefice Youth Council. My role is to organise and lead our monthly meetings. This involves making our agendas, inviting people to come and talk to us, prompting discussions, and working with my Vice Chair and Secretary to make meetings fun and exciting.

The Vice Chair: Hannah

My name is Hannah and I'm the Vice Chair of the Benefice Youth Council. My role as Vice Chair is all about supporting the Chair in areas such as decision making and in meetings. Another part of my job is running meetings when the Chair is unable to attend and leading games at the start of meetings. I enjoy the role as it gives me an opportunity to lead and help make decisions regarding our community and our future.

The Secretary: Loretta

I'm Loretta and I'm the Secretary of the Benefice Youth Council. As the Secretary I have to make sure everyone is informed of our upcoming meetings and make sure that everyone knows what decisions have been made. My role also involves taking minutes during our meetings and ensuring that everyone agrees that they are accurate. I also help the Chair and Vice Chair in organising the agenda and keeping the meetings fun. My favourite thing about being a part of the Benefice Youth Council is being involved in decision making and helping the church improve.

The Junior Representative: Sissy

Hi! I’m Sissy and my role in the BYC is Junior Representative. Basically, I take ideas from younger members of our church and tell all the wonderful things they come up with to our council. I also take part in some of the older stuff to help with ideas for my future. It is great to be with the group in all these meetings and get to know them all and I’m very thankful for my role in the BYC.

What are our aims as a Council for the future?

Our plans for the future are to assist with the appointment of a new youth worker who will work closely with the Young Disciples, the youth group and will go into schools and run assemblies and worship. They will be dedicated to youth ministry and lead youth events. One of our aims is to also become a more eco-friendly church; for example, walking to church. Being aware of how we can take care of ourselves both physically and mentally either by setting a goal or doing a small thing, can add up to a bigger reward for ourselves and the future of the Benefice.

Why have a Youth Council?

As a young person who attends the meetings, I can truly say that it is a space for any youth ideas to be heard, taken on board, and not judged. It is a safe place where any suggestions are welcome and discussed. If there is something that you feel passionate about with regards to the future of the church, youth ministry or a brand-new area of discussion, that you would like to have discussed, you can bring the idea along and see what other people think. It is a meeting that I always look forward to sharing new ideas and aspirations of how to improve the impact of the church on the environment and how to have an even more enjoyable youth ministry.

For more information or if you are aged 11 to 18 and interested in joining please contact:


    If a child or adult is in immediate danger or requires immediate medical attention, call the emergency services on 999. If there are concerns about their immediate welfare, don’t delay: call Children and Adult’s Social care on 0345 050 7666 or the MASH Out of Hours Emergency Duty Team: 0800 833408. Also please inform one of Parish Safeguarding Team.
    For other safeguarding concerns please immediately inform our Parish Safeguarding Officer, Alison, on 07884 074812 or her Deputy, Sarah Jane, on 07506 515 952 or Pauline on 01993 648136. You can also email concerns to
    If you are unsure or worried about how serious a situation is, contact the Diocesan Safeguarding Team on 01865 208295 or Richard Woodley on 07391 868478 or Lisa Wilkins on 07341 866832

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Prayer Tree

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