Meet the new Curate

Hello, my name is Ross and if you want to know how to pronounce my surname properly, it rhymes with ‘treacle’. I am finishing my training in Durham before being ordained in Oxford to serve you as a curate. It will be a new part of the world for me as I am originally from Yorkshire, though I have never lost my Cambridgeshire accent from a 7-year stint there as a child. I also lived in Kenya for three years as a teenager due to my Dad following a call from God to work for Mission Aviation Fellowship. We returned to Northallerton in Yorkshire where I completed my A-levels. My first degree was at the University of York and was a brand new course titled Writing, Directing and Performance for Theatre, Film and Television. I have been interested in theatre and performance since my early teenage years.

However, my real passion is, and always has been, writing and dreaming up stories. Ever since I was a young child my vivid imagination has created fantastic worlds and weird characters. Through a friend at University, I began to read what I wrote in public at open mic nights, thus starting my vocation as a storyteller. This has become a key part of my understanding of my vocation and my ministry. It was through the writing of a play at University that I truly began to understand my faith, and it has been through my role as Resident Storyteller for a creative Christian collective in York since my student days that I began several creative writing projects related to matters of faith and Scripture. As a storyteller I am called to tell stories, and as an ordinandI look forward to telling God’s story.

My vocation to the priesthood in the Church of England was first raised when my mum sensibly suggested it. I was not attracted to the idea as an early teenager but as I have grown in faith and understanding it became apparent that this is where God is calling me. I worked for a church in London for a year as a pastoral assistant where I learned a lot about prayer and ministry in the Church before I began my training in Durham.

On a rainy day when I’m not working, I might be found watching television, playing Pokemon games, or going to the cinema. On a nicer day, I enjoy walks in the countryside, visiting nearby friends, and writing in coffee shops.

So as I prepare to move to Witney, I’m excited to walk in new landscapes and write new stories in new cafes. But most of all I am excited to serve God in Witney, sharing His story of hope and redemption and discovering more about priesthood, the Church, and myself along the way.

Praying for a new House for Duty Team Vicar

The parish of Witney is looking for a Team Vicar (House for Duty) who will work enthusiastically and collaboratively with clergy and laity across the benefice. The priest will have particular pastoral responsibility for Minster Lovell, whilst also sharing in ministry fully across the benefice and the other four churches. Click for details ML Profile 2018 here

Lord, as we enter a new stage, may you give us open hearts, Grace to grow in faith and prayer And help us to serve you in our local community. Lord, bless and equip the person you are preparing to lead here. May they have vision and insight and a prayer-fill, pastoral heart To serve young and old alike in this community. Amen.

A successful peal of Church bells

A successful peal of Church bells to mark the 775th anniversary of Saint Mary’s

Congratulations to the team of ringers on a successful peal of church bells to mark the 775th anniversary of Saint Mary’s!

Raise the roof

St Mary

An opportunity to invest in a major Witney landmark

Severe winter frosts have destroyed the limestone slates on St Mary’s Roof. We need to replace them before winter sets in. Local Witney people have already sponsored 2,200 slates. Only 1,800 slates to go!!

Please Sponsor a Slate for £10. Your civic landmark church needs you!

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775 Sermon Series

775 Sermon Series

As part of our celebration of our 775th Anniversary a series of sermons is taking place over the next 12 months. Here is the text of the opening sermon Feast 2018

Praying for victims of terror

Team Vicar

'In the midst of life we are in death.'

Lord, in a place of pleasure, terror struck, in a place of life, death came. Hold us in our shock and grief, comfort the distressed, heal the injured, calm the anxious, reunite the separated, console the bereaved, and give rest and everlasting peace to those who have died, for your love never fails and through the darkness your light always shines. Amen.


Annual Accounts

Our stewardship enables us to fulfil God's call and share in God's mission

The Church is the new creation, it is life and joy, it is the sacramental fellowship in which we share the ultimate purpose of God, made real for us now in our hearing the Word and sharing the Sacrament.
Rowan Williams

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