Prayers from Hugh's Pilgrimage


One of our Ministry Team, Revd Hugh White, is making an epic pilgrimage from York to Canterbury and then across Sweden from Gothenburg to Vaxjo. Here are daily updates on the pilgrimage posted by Hugh, celebrating shared journeys on foot and of heart and inviting prayers on local issues prompted by the pilgrimage

Pictures from the pilgrimage can be viewed on the St Sigrid's Way Facebook page

Walking day 46. 9th July Preston to Ramsgate

Prayers are invited for

Those who manage the country’s wetlands;

Harbour authorities and sailors;

Church architects in gratitude for the work of Augustus Pugin;

The people, life and ministry of the Diocese of Europe and good relationships throughout Europe between Anglican and other European churches;

The people, life and ministry of all the churches of Thanet;

Christian evangelists in gratitude for St Augustine of Canterbury and St Sigfrid.

Walking day 44. 7th July. Godmersham to Canterbury

Prayers are invited for

Those facing or risking martyrdom today, remembering Archbishop St Thomas Beckett

Those speaking truth to power in our times;

Canterbury Cathedral, its staff, those who worship in it and its visitors;

The people, life and ministry of St Mary’s, Chartham, St Nicholas’, Thanington and St Mildred with St Mary de Castro’s, Canterbury.

Walking day 43 6th July Charing to Godmersham

Prayers are invited for

The wise development of transport infrastructure in the UK;

The people, life and ministry of St Mary’s, Westwell, All Saints’, Boughton Aluph and St Lawrence the Martyr’s, Godmersham.

Walking day 42 5th July Detling to Charing

Prayers are invited for

The Royal Airforce, remembering the Battle of Britain and the lives lost at RAF Detling and elsewhere in South East England;

Peace in Europe and good relations between its nations;

All those who struggle for freedom, particularly those who refuse the use of violence;

The people, life and ministry of All Saints’, Hollingbourne, St Mary’s, Lenham and St Peter and St Paul’s, Charing.

Walking day 41 4th July Rochester to Detling

Prayers are invited for

A continuing impact for good of the works of Charles Dickens;

Those walking or planning a pilgrimage to Canterbury;

The people, life and ministry of St Mary and All Saints’, Boxley and St Martin of Tours’, Detling in gratitude for the life of St Martin, his exemplary charity towards the poor, his refusal to fight and his contribution to monasticism in the Western Church.

Walking day 40 3rd July Northfleet to Rochester

Prayers are invited for

Gravesend Gurdwara in gratitude for its feeding of the hungry and for good relations between Sikhs and Christians;

The people, life and ministry of St George’s, Gravesend, St Nicholas’, Strood and Rochester Cathedral.

Walking day 39. 30th June. Erith to Northfleet

Prayers are invited for

The Church of England’s Provincial Episcopal Visitors and those who require their ministry;

Reconciliation in the Anglican Communion over matters of gender and sexuality;

The people, life and ministry of St Botolph’s, Northfleet.

Walking day 38 29th June East Greenwich to Erith

Prayers are invited for

Those finding their path in life meandering and unstraightforward;

The people, life and ministry of the Diocese of Rochester and Christ Church, Erith.

Walking day 37 28th June Southwark to East Greenwich

Prayers are invited for

Southwark Cathedral, its staff, those who worship in it and its visitors;

The Royal Navy;

Astronomers and geographers;

The work of the Port of London Authority;

Those engaged in maritime trade;

The entertainment industry;

The redevelopment of Thames-side sites in London;

The people, life and ministry of St Mary the Virgin, Rotherhithe, St Nicholas’, Deptford, St Alphege’s, Greenwich and Christ Church, East Greenwich.

Walking day 36 27th June Putney to Southwark

Prayers are invited for

The British Army;

The Westminster Parliament and good governance in this country;

The Methodist Church;

The Swedish Church in London and London’s Swedish community;

The people, life and ministry of the Diocese of London, the Roman Catholic Diocese of Westminster, Westminster Cathedral, Westminster Abbey and St Paul’s Cathedral;

Those with bridges to cross in their lives – and to mend.

Walking day 35 26th June Ham Common to Putney

Prayers are invited for

Those who maintain parks and open places in our towns and cities;

Botanists and those who work at and visit Kew Gardens;

Archivists, librarians and researchers using archive collections;

Those who manage and those who use river boat services in Greater London;

Those working to widen politic empowerment, remembering the Putney debates of 1647;

The people, life and ministry of St Mary Magdalene’s, Richmond and St Mary’s, Putney.

Walking day 34 25th June Walton-on-Thames to Ham Common

Prayers are invited for

The people, life and ministry of the Diocese of Southwark and of St Mary’s, Walton-on-Thames;

Residents, staff and visitors at Hampton Court Palace;

The people, life and ministry of All Saints’, Kingston and St Andrew’s, Ham.

Walking day 33 24th June:  Egham to Walton-on-Thames

Prayers are invited for

The people, life and ministry of the Diocese of Guildford and of St John the Baptist’s, Egham;

All who work at Heathrow Airport and all who fly to and from it and for a reduction of the adverse ecological effects of flying;

Ferry operators on the Thames;

Those who look after our water resources;

Shepperton Studios and the film industry and broadcasting in this country.

Walking day 31 22nd June: Maidenhead to Egham.

Prayers are invited for

Windsor Castle and the Queen and the Royal Family, for the staff of the Castle and all who visit it, for the people, life and ministry of St George’s Chapel, for the College of St George and the work of St George’s House; 

The Friends of Friendless Churches and their work; 

Eton College and those privileged socially and educationally, that they may use their advantages for the good of the disadvantaged; 

Those who teach and those who learn in the nation’s schools; 

The people, life and ministry of St James the Less, Dorney, John the Baptist’s, Eton Wick, John the Evangelist’s, Eton, John the Baptist’s, Windsor and St Andrew’s, Wraysbury; 

Those who strive to uphold civil liberties, in gratitude for the signing of Magna Carta in 1215 at Runnymede; Those whose rights are infringed.

Walking day 30 21st June: Hambleden to Maidenhead 21st June

Prayers are invited for

Alan Wilson in his ministry as Bishop of Buckingham; St Katharine’s, Parmoor and other retreat houses; 

Those who engineer, build and maintain weirs; 

The people, life and ministry of St Mary the Virgin’s, Hambleden and St Mary the Virgin’s, Turville, All Saints, Marlow and Holy Trinity Cookham; 

The representation of church life in the arts; 

Painters, in gratitude for the work of Stanley Spencer.

Walking day 29 20th June:  Reading to Hambleden 

Prayers are invited for 

Rowers; St Paul’s, Wokingham’s link with Mariakyrkan, Växjö; 

The people, life and ministry of St Andrew’s Sonning, St Peter and St Paul’s, Lower Shiplake, St Mary’s, Shiplake and St Mary’s, Henley. 

Walking Day 28 19th June Goring to Reading

Prayers are invited for
Olivia Graham in her ministry as Bishop of Reading; The town of
Reading, its technology companies and other businesses; The staff and students of Reading University; 

The people, life and ministry of all  the churches of the Reading area.

Walking Day 27 18th June: Dorchester to Goring

Prayers are invited for

Crime writers and all novelists, in gratitude for the pleasure given by Agatha Christie’s books;

Witney’s link with Voxtorp;

The people, life and ministry of St Helen’s, Benson, St Mary le More’s, Wallingford, St Leonard’s, Wallingford and St John the Baptist’s, Moulsford;

Those having to travel in bad weather, especially walkers.

Walking day 26 17th June: Abingdon to Dorchester

Prayers are invited for

The energy industry and the quest for cleaner energy;

The people life and ministry of St Paul’s, Culham, All Saints’, Sutton Courtenay, St Peter and St Paul’s, Appleford, St Mary’s, Long Wittenham, St Peter’s, Little Wittenham and St Michael and All Angels’, Clifton Hampden.

Walking Day 25 June 16th: Oxford to Abingdon

Prayers are invited for

Littlemore Mental Health Centre, its staff and all who use its services and for all who suffer mental health problems and those who seek to help them;

The International Centre of Newman Friends at Littlemore;

The people, life and ministry of St Mary's, Iffley, St Andrew's, Sandford-on-Thames and St Helen's, Abingdon.

Walking Day 24 June 14th: Woodstock to Oxford

Prayers are invited for

Gavin Collins as he begins his ministry as Area Bishop of Dorchester;

the Canal and Waterways Trust and all who look after and use our canals;

canal side communities;

architects and landscape gardeners, in gratitude for Blenheim Palace and its parkland;

the proper care and use of ancient and isolated rural churches;

Akeman Benefice's link with the Mönsterås / Fliseryd in Växjö diocese;

imaginative use by churches of communication technologies now available;

the people, life and ministry of St Mary Magdalene's, Woodstock, and in particular its link with Gränna in Växjö diocese;

the people, life and ministry of Holy Cross, Shipton-on-Cherwell and St Giles', Hampton Gay;

the University of Oxford and Oxford Brookes university, all university students, teachers, researchers and other staff and for good learning in our nation;

the homeless of Oxford and other cities;

Christ Church Oxford, its ministry to diocese and city and particularly that a positive way forward out of its present difficulties may be found.

Walking Day 23 June 13th: Deddington to Woodstock

Prayers are invited for

The Bishop of Oxford, Steven Croft, preaching and presiding at Deddington today;

for all who preach, especially those just beginning to do so;

an ongoing influence for good of the life and work of JH Newman, who first preached at Holy Trinity, Over Worton;

good ecumenical relations between Christian denominations;

the people, life and ministry of St Peter and St Paul's, Deddington, Holy Trinity, Over Worton, and St Mary's, Steeple Barton.

Walking Day 20 June 10th: Stratford to Halford

Prayers are invited for

The owners of large country estates in the management of their land and the fulfilment of the responsibilities of wealth;

For good arrangements of the future of redundant churches;

For the people, life and ministry of St Mary’s, Preston on Stour, St Mary’s and the Holy Cross, Alderminster, St Mary’s,Halford and for the vitality of the Church in rural areas.

Walking Day 19 June 6th: Preston Bagot to Stratford upon Avon

Prayers are invited for

The people, life and ministry of Holy Trinity, Stratford upon Avon; Churches that attract many tourists; Playwrights, actors and theatre-goers, in gratitude for William Shakespeare and his works.

Walking Day 18 June 5th: Hockley Heath to Preston Bagot via Baddesley Clinton

Prayers are invited for

The Canals and Waterways Trust and all who use canals; The National Trust and its work in conserving the heritage of the nation; Those who suffer in our times as a result of religious persecution, remembering the martyrs of the English Reformation; Religious communities, especially those whose numbers are diminishing; The people, life and ministry of the Diocese of Coventry and All Saints’, Preston Bagot.

Day 17 June 4th: Hopwood to Hockley Heath

Prayers are invited for

Those working to create and maintain long distance paths; The people, life and ministry of St Thomas’, Hockley Heath.

Day 16 June 3rd: Birmingham to Hopwood

Prayers are invited for

Constant gratitude for the gift of Holy Communion; Industrial communities adapting to post-industrial circumstances; Good relations between the Anglican, Lutheran and Roman Catholic churches; The Oratorian Order.

Day 15 June 2nd: Sutton Coldfield to Birmingham

Prayers are invited for

Birmingham in its ethnic diversity and good relations between the faiths in the city; The people, life and ministry of the Anglican and Roman Catholic dioceses of Birmingham and their cathedrals; Newman University and Birmingham University; Aston Villa Football club, founder member of the English Football League, and all Birmingham sporting associations in gratitude for the benefits of sport to the city and the nation; Those who belong to communities on which others look down.

Day 14 June 1st: Lichfield to Sutton Coldfield

Prayers are invited for

Mutual understanding and respect and a fair sharing of resources between those in large cities and those in the surrounding suburbs and countryside; The people, life and ministry of the Churches of the Holy Trinity, Anglican and Roman Catholic. Sutton Coldfield.

Day 5 May 21st: Barnsley to Stocksbridge

Prayers are invited for

Congregations which have experienced, or are threatened with, the closure of their churches, remembering the closure of St Matthias’, Stocksbridge; The British steel industry and those who work at Liberty Speciality Steels, Stocksbridge; All workers facing redundancy; The people, life and ministry of Christ Church, Stocksbridge and all other churches where denominations unite to form a single congregation.

Day 4 May 20th: Wakefield to Barnsley

Prayers are invited for

The relationship between the Church and the rulers of nations on Alcuin of York’s day:

Communities still coming to terms with the collapse of coal mining in the UK; The people, life and work of St Mary’s, Barnsley.

Day 3 May 19th: Garforth to Wakefield

Prayers are invited for

All religions communities on St Dunstan’s day, and especially the Community of the Resurrection, Mirfield.

The Diocese of Leeds and the people, life and work of Wakefield Cathedral; Wakefield Cathedral’s link with Skara in Sweden; Faith that the twists and turns of our life will lead us to God; Those who feel their life is a maze full of wrong turnings and dead ends rather than a labyrinth. (Wakefield Cathedral has a labyrinth)

Day 2 May 18th: Bilbrough Top to Garforth via Tadcaster

Prayers are invited for

Brewers and publicans, especially those hit hard by the Covid situation, in gratitude for the pleasures of food, drink and good company; The people, life and ministry of St Mary’s, Tadcaster and St Mary’s, Garforth, united in their generous welcome of the Sigfrid pilgrims.

Day 1 May 17th: York to Bilbrough Top

Prayers are invited for:

Missionaries, remembering St Paulinus, missionary and first bishop of work in the 7th century and his successor, St Sigfrid, giving thanks for the evangelisation of England and Sweden and for the Porvoo Communion.

All those beginning long journeys, especially those forced to do so.

The Diocese and Province of York and for Archbishop Stephen Cottrell.

The people, life and ministry of York Minster.

The University of York and its Centre for Pilgrimage Studies.


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