Rectors of Witney

A Rector is a priest in charge of a parish (area) in the Church of England. Witney has had a Rector since 1209:

1209 Humphrey de Midlieres
1219 Dionysius
1227 Wilhelmus de
1230 Peter de Cambray
1243 Ralph Grosset
1261 William Vacce
1306 William Jordan
1310 William Vacce
1317 William de Caswell
1318 Thomas de Tessunt
1328 Richard Dormer
1336 John de Orleton
1338 John Trillick
1340 Roger Foliot
1349 John de Hogh
1359 Robert de Wykford
1362 John de Cricklade
1369 John Frenche
1370 John de Kelleseye
1378 Nicholas de Wykeham
1414 John Franke
1422 Robert Cartryk
1442 William Escow
1446 William Selby
1446 John Cokkys
1475 Lionel Wodeville
1479 Edward Cheyne Hon. Canon of Christ Church
1502 Nicholas Weste
1515 George Gray
1519 Richard Syder
1529 John Higdon
1532 Edmund Steward Hon.
1555 Robert Woral
1556 Morgan Jones
1558 Robert Aldryge
1564 Edward Walker
1569 Blen Wythier
1570 Richard Smythe
1581 John Underhill Hon
1614 Humphrey Ailsworth
1635 Robert Hill
1638 Dr. Thomas Jackson STP
1640 Thomas White
1655 Ralph Brideoak
1676 Ralph Trumbull
1708 Richard Duke
1711 Robert Friend STP
1751 William Friend STP
1767 John Mulso MA
1771 Henry Phipps Weston
1795 The Hon. Edward Legge
1797 Robert Barnard
1834 Charles Jerram MA
1853 Richard Sankey MA
1863 Francis McCaulay Cunningham MA Rural Dean of Witney
1897 William Foxley Norris MA Hon. Rural Dean of Witney Canon of Christ Church
1904 James Barker Kirby MA
1911 Philip Proctor Goldingham MA
1917 Reece Unsworth MA
1936 Gordon Frank Sharp MA
1942 Ronald Frank Bale MA FSA Rural Dean of Witney Canon of Christ Church
1959 Arthur Webster Adeney MA
1968 John Henry Cook MA MSc
1979 Roland Evan Meredith MA Rural Dean of Witney Canon of Christ Church
1995 Cameron James Butland BA Area Dean of Witney
2004 Ian C. Cooper BA
2006 David Childs BSc MA
2009 Toby Christopher Wright MA (Oxon) Area Dean of Witney Canon of Christ Church

In 1870 a Parish of Hailey cum Crawley was formed, but in 1982, under an Order in Council, this parish was re-united with the Parish of Witney. A Team Ministry was formed within the Parish of Witney and the Rector became Team Rector.


    If a child or adult is in immediate danger or requires immediate medical attention, call the emergency services on 999. If there are concerns about their immediate welfare, don’t delay: call Children and Adult’s Social care on 0345 050 7666 or the MASH Out of Hours Emergency Duty Team: 0800 833408. Also please inform one of Parish Safeguarding Team.
    For other safeguarding concerns please immediately inform our Parish Safeguarding Officer, Alison, on 07884 074812 or her Deputy, Sarah Jane, on 07506 515 952 or Pauline on 01993 648136. You can also email concerns to
    If you are unsure or worried about how serious a situation is, contact the Diocesan Safeguarding Team on 01865 208295 or For enquiries outside of operational hours, contact Thirtyone:eight on 0303 003 1111.

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Please contact the Benefice Office if you have any enquires for the five churches in our benefice: St Mary the Virgin, Church Green Witney Oxfordshire OX28 4AW | 01993 779 492 | 

Church addresses 

St Mary the Virgin Church Green Witney Oxfordshire OX28 4AW 
Holy Trinity Church Woodgreen OX28 1DN 
St John the Baptist,
Curbridge 2 Church Row, Curbridge Witney OX29 7NU
Hailey Church
Middletown Hailey Witney OX29 9UB
St Kenelm’s Church
 Minster Lovell OX29 0RR (updated 23-09-21)

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